String Benders


Dave Steffen is part of another project, a band called the String Benders. The quartet from the Fox River Valley in Wisconsin is made up of drums, bass, and two acoustic guitars, all played by talented, seasoned musicians. The group has achieved an identity of its own, performing classics as well as many original songs.

The new CD “Northern Lights” is a definite must have for anyone’s CD collection.

The String Benders are:

Russ Reiser - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar Russ started the String Benders (as a part-time band) in November of 1995. The band fulfilled his desire to play different styles of acoustic music, and also to play with guitar legend, Dave Steffen. Russ has played with various other bands including Truc of America, and is currently lead guitarist with Vic Ferrari. Russ is a great guitar player, song writer and musical perfectionist.
Dave Steffen - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar Dave is a veteran musician who has enjoyed much success with the Love Society, Sunblind Lion and his current group, the Dave Steffen Band. While living in San Francisco, he played with many musical celebrities including members of Santana. Dave's songs and recordings have been used in movie sound tracks, and featured on television shows in recent years.
Ron Kalista - Vocals/Drums Ron is a seasoned professional who has played with many bands including the well known Jukebox Heroes. Ron's WAMMI award winning vocals and drumming are highly regarded. He also plays with Vic Ferrari.
Craig Neuser - Vocals/Bass/Harmonica Craig is a very talented musician who is also a part of the Dave Steffen Band. Craig brings youthful energy to the band. His vocals are soulful and bluesy, reminiscent of Greg Alman and BB King.