Markus Fischer, Fishermans Blues
Osnabruecker Radio, Germany

"It's not very often that an opening act gets a standing ovation but the Dave Steffen Band managed to steal the show from headliner Ronnie Montrose last week at New George's. The San Francisco-based power trio blazed through a powerful but tasteful set of original tunes and Jimi Hendrix covers. Steffen's finesse and intelligent fretwork was a welcome relief from the below-the-belt attack Montrose employed."

-Greg Cahill, Marin Independent Journal
"The Dave Steffen Band's strongest performances are of it's own material, which carries the strong imprint of Steffen. His bluesy vocals, reminiscent of Texas Boogie Band ZZ Top, complement the band's strong sound... There are no tricks or gimmicks he doesn't know, yet Steffen's one of the most tastefully controlled guitarists you're likely to hear in a power trio setting"

-Milwaukee Sentinel
"If you like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, you'll love Dave Steffen."

-Good Times, Santa Cruz
"A close to the top performance by Dave Steffen opening for Mark Hummel's second appearance in April, 1998. Dave Steffen will have a new CD out this fall, Slightly Bent, with the Stringbenders. Dave says his van has now made 18 round trips to California and back."

-Wisconsin Blues Society
"When I first heard Dave Steffen play guitar, I think the word that came to mind was 'tasty'.

That word perfectly describes Dave's music because, like a gourmet meal, nothing overpowers anything else. But each bite is a perfect blend of whatever is in the dish. In Dave's case, the dish is made up of diverse influences and a healthy dose of original sound picked up during years of touring North America. And when the meal is finished, you don't have room leftover for dessert!

His van has more than 400,000 miles on it, which is testament to the fact that Dave Steffen lives and breathes to play his brand of blues and blues-rock. From having a top-40 hit as a teenager with The Love Society to years of rocking the midwest in Sunblind Lion and finally to San Francisco where he became a fixture in the local music scene -- Dave Steffen has honed his craft.

Various incarnations of The Dave Steffen Band have opened for the likes of Robin Trower, Huey Lewis and the News, Journey and Ronnie Montrose. A virtual who's who in the Bay Area showed up for his weekly blues jam at a San Francisco club.

He's as confortable ripping through a rocker as he is wailing on the slide or playfully weaving Spanish-style riffs in an acoustic setting. And now that he's back in his home state of Wisconsin with The Dave Steffen Band, I defy you to sit still while he is on the stage.

There is a lot of history in Dave Steffen, but don't be fooled into thinking that he lives in the past. His new cd, "Flying Potion" is a vital mix of mystical blues and straight-ahead rockers which illustrate his prowess both as a guitarist and as a writer.

I consider Dave to be one of the best guitar players I've ever heard. Even more important, I know him to be one of the nicest guitar players I've ever met. It's time you meet The Dave Steffen Band, too!"

-Len Nelson

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