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World Race 2011

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Second Wind -
The story of the theme song for World Race 2011

Dave first met Jerry Price of Price Team Racing in April 2009, while performing for his birthday party. During that afternoon Jerry talked about his corvette that ran on multiple fuels and also talked about the upcoming World Race.

It was very interesting to listen to him talk about alternative fuels and the innovating way he used them. After talking to him, Dave knew he was a great mechanic and inventor.

Finally in the fall of 2010, Jerry came out to another DSB gig and was excited to tell them the race was on for April 2011. He asked Dave to come up with a song for the race. Mike Dellger, the Dave Steffen Band original drummer and lyrics writer for many past songs, took interest and researched the history of the race past and present. He told the whole story and along with Dave’s driving guitar riffs the song Second Wind was born.

Second Wind is available on CD and online at iTunes, Napster, Google Play, Spotify, and Amazon MP3.